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Why I can’t see the List of my Followers and Who I am Following?

January 22,2020

Instagram users are facing new problems while they are using Instagram. It seems that the more useful updates Instagram is releasing, the more bugs are showing up.

Unfortunately, Instagram is facing some bugs recently such as: not seeing the list of their followers, music copyright issues, “sorry something went wrong,” Keep logging out of Instagram, etc. With the bugs showing up, Instagram users sometimes can’t see their followers on their followers' list, and they can’t interact with their content and communicate with their followers.

Surprisingly, On the 13th of February, 2019, Instagram confirmed that there is an issue with the number of Instagram followers.

We’re aware of an issue that is causing a change in account follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible,”

Many people are seeking the reason why they can’t see the list of their followers, and we have got some possible answers for you.

1- First of all, you should make sure that the Instagram app doesn’t update automatically, then Uninstall Instagram.

After uninstalling Instagram, search the “old version of Instagram” on Google and download the last but one version of Instagram and then Install it on your phone. Then you need to log in to your account. Now check whether the problem is solved and you can see your followers on the follower list.

2- Make sure that you are logged in, in the right account;

Some Instagram users have more than one Instagram account, and sometimes they forget that they are logged in, in another account. So before being worried about the disappearing of your followers, I recommend checking your Instagram’s username to make sure about being logged in, in the right Instagram account. This problem is most likely to happen when multiple Instagram accounts have the same profile picture, but different usernames.

3- Sometimes you may see all your followers in your follower’s list, except for one or some of them, and you may get confused and wonder if you have unfollowed them!

The problem is likely to happen when you have more than 200 followers; because if you have less than 200 Instagram followers, the list of your followers is ordered alphabetically and if they are more than 200, Instagram will display them by the most recent one.

Also, there are other possible reasons when one or some of your followers are missing, and you are not seeing them in your follower list anymore.

  • The user might have disabled their account

  • Instagram might have deleted the account because of violating its terms

  • Users may have deleted their account themselves

4- Check if your Instagram needs to be updated

Even though we mentioned to install the last but one version of Instagram earlier, sometimes it is totally vice versa, and you should try the latest version.

Your Instagram may not work well, and you might face some bugs and problems if you are using the old version. So update your account to the last version and then check if the problem is solved.

5- Leave Instagram for some hours

It might not be a serious problem, and it may be solved after a few hours. So don’t take action and wait to see the results.

6- Contact Instagram’s help center

If none of the mentioned ways above worked, the last choice is to contact Instagram’s help center and explain to them the bug you are facing. It will take a while to get the answer, but they would solve the problem. Try them and feel free to share your experience with us and tell which worked the best for you. We are all ears to hear from you.



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