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What should you do to have a live Instagram post even after 24 hours’ restriction?

August 07,2019

Nowadays, Instagram has more than 2 billion daily users of its service and it has the first rank and ahead of Snapchat in the temporary content business. Instagram is fairly easy to use and due to that more people every day become an Instagram user and we could mention that it is the most popular website on the internet. In Instagram, users could share their photos and videos on their page or feeds. Posted photos and videos will be available for their followers only for 24 hours. This means that Instagram users have a short period of time which requires quick action, otherwise, the post will be disappeared from the user’s timeline. Stormlike has below information to help you.

Instagram 24 hours’ restriction, is the reason for a quick reaction but it has negative points as well. Many Instagram users do not have enough time for their Instagram page each day due to their busy time. For this reason, it might possible that may of your Instagram followers miss your post. So it this moment, the question is what action should you take to extend the lifespan of your post on Instagram for attracting more Instagram users. Stormlike could suggest you following steps to extend the lifespan of your Instagram Posts.

 Try Instagram Highlight Possibility

The most popular way for extending your post lifespan is Instagram’s Highlight option. For you convince, Instagram added highlight feature newly that let users save their posts and even repost them later if they want to do so. You have access to this feature on your account. Stormlike suggests you consume useful Instagram’s highlight option as follow:

  • Open your Instagram’s Profile page and look for highlight option and “+” button,
  • Select the post that wants to save in your Instagram’s Page,
  • You could select a name and add a cover photo,
  • At the end, press the “Done” button for final confirmation of the highlight feature. 

Different ways to use Instagram’s Highlight feature

You might also have easy access to your Instagram’s Highlighted Stories later. Rather than adding stories and posts randomly, Stormlike offers you different methods as follow:

  • Reposting your specific story or post,
  • Following step-by-step instructions,
  • Select a particular stream for specific post
  • Implement competitions
  • Collecting suitable tips

With the mentioned options you could encourage and inspire your Instagram Followers for more attracting to your post. As a take of example, Rolex always uses varied themes for their audiences and customers. Stormlike also suggests you choose a specific time for reposting your content for having more Instagram views, Instagram likes and Instagram comments.   


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