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Stormlike’s Great Basic Guide to Instagram Marketing

August 11,2019

One of the most attractive, amazing and influential places to get in touch with your customers and audiences for your business is Instagram and you do whatever you want from selling your products or build up your brand. But it is quite difficult to have an attractive Instagram account, and finding the right way for building your page is a critical step indeed. Stormlike suggests you reading the following whether you have an Instagram page for yourself or your business. 

Instagram is an amazing treasure for Businesses

Instagram is not only a fun place for people for sharing their memorable moments, places or people but also it is the most attractive and amazing world for the businesses as well. Here are a few stats to prove the power of Instagram.

  • Instagram has more than 2 billion active users per month

  • Around 200 million post sharing per day

  • Variety users’ generation on Instagram

  • Instagram has more than 40 million available pages

Most people always think about how do business can make on Instagram. On Instagram as a brand or business you could share and post as many photos, contents and videos as you want to, and if you make your page active and follow up Stormlike steps for attracting your Instagram page, Instagram definitely would be the best and right place for advertising your products, brands or services. 

Instagram also could help you to growth your Return of Investment (ROI) if you could and follow up right ways and steps that Stormlike offered you in its older blogs. But here again for kind attention, Stormlike would like to give some useful points for improving your Instagram account.

  • Find out good Instagram Marketing plan and strategy, try to have your answers for some critical marketing questions. For example, “Who are we creating content for?”, “What are your goals for Instagram?”, “How will Instagram fit into our existing content and social media workflows?”, “What is our bandwidth? What resources do you have to dedicate to Instagram?”

  • Create an Instagram Account for Your occupation and business as soon as possible. Instagram has special and unique options for business accounts that make everything easier for them like posting abilities and so on.

  • For setting up your Instagram business account you have the following. First, from your Instagram account after your created one, look for the ‘gear’ button in the upper right-hand corner. Then, from that drop-down menu, select “Switch to Business Profile”. This would convert your current profile to a new Business Instagram account.

  • For getting the best outcome for your Instagram Business Account, Stormlike suggests you be very smart and sharp for choosing an attractive profile photo, name, contact information including your website and description.

  • For saving your precious time, Stormlike prepares the best Instagram Boost packages for you and let Stormlike do boring and difficult parts for you. By the way, do not forget to hold contests for your engaging your audiences. You should also have a schedule for posting your posts.

To have the best Instagram page ever, you could check out Stormlike boost services (Buy Instagram Likes, Views and Followers) and you will see yourself how easy it is to work.

As part of Stormlike team, we are proud to tell you that when you select us, we never disappoint you!


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