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Some Attractive Recent Features of Instagram by Stormlike

February 06,2020

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with new Instagram features, it feels like they’re happening almost every day!

They’ve introduced snapchat-esque filters and recently released a flurry of updates, some of them fun, and some really powerful.

If you’ve been busy and missed them all, here’s our recap of some updates they’ve rolled out that we think you might like to try. At this moment, Instagram has more than 2 billion active users daily which is the most attractive social media now.

New Instagram Features You Need To Try ASAP

Some of these features were specially designed to help you organise your Instagram feed and keep track of your favourite posts.

Others were created to help you make your Instagram stories even more fun to play with.

Ready? Let’s get started.


That picture of a crazy haircut you took five years ago? You were probably wondering how your feed might look without it. No one blames you, we’ve all tried something wild.

Has the thought of deleting posts from ages ago ever gone through your mind?
Let’s be real. The only thing standing between you and delete is wondering if you removed it, would your feed still look ok?

Instead of deleting a post (and maybe regretting it later), now you can simply archive it.

The best part:

1. No one can see archived posts but you
2. You can restore them whenever you like
3. And YES, keep all the likes and comments

How to Archive a Post:

Open the individual post on Instagram and tap the three dots in the right corner.
Select “archive” and – puff! – you’re done!

2. Manage your filters

#nofilter is always the way to go. Okay, if you still love the filters (there are now 40 of them!), you don't need them all clogging up your filter strip, forcing you to scroll through all of them. You can actually pick which filters you want to appear and sort them in the order you want them to appear.

To do so, swipe to the end of the filters, tap the "Manage" gear icon, and then select the filters you want. To arrange them in a specific, order, tap the left side (the three lines that look like hamburger menu) and slide them up and down the list.

The post is automatically added to your archive page and removed from your feed.


You’re scrolling through Instagram posts and see something that you really like. A post about a mouth-watering cheesecake or a tutorial that shows you how to draw the perfect eyebrows.

One week later there you are, struggling to remember who posted it, when on earth you saved it on your phone or did you?

Eeep, you didn’t even take a screenshot! Scrolling back through a week of Instagram posts just to find it…? Well… no thanks.

How Can Instagram Collections help?

This new feature allows you to save posts to personal collections, kind of like Pinterest.

You can create a bunch of photo albums, each dedicated to a different topic (cute dogs, flowers, dresses… you get it).

Or you can just store them all in one collection.

All you have to do is tap the Bookmark icon under the post and save it directly to one of our collections. Easy!

4. Straighten, adjust perspective, and rotate photos

This only works if your photo is cropped to post as a square (1:1) and not any other aspect ratio. To access the straighten and adjust perspective tools, first make sure your photo is a square. Then tap the wrench icon and then tap "Adjust" (it won't appear if your photo is not a square).

From there, straightening a photo is as easy as swiping left and right on the slider to adjust the degree. The same thing goes for the tweaking the vertical and horizontal perspective. You can also rotate a photo by hitting the rotate icon in the upper right corner.

Set Your Creativity Free: Tools For Instagram Stories


Q: What’s cooler than taking a regular selfie?
A: Taking a mini-selfie and placing it all over your Instagram story! Woot!

In case you haven’t tried it yet, here’s how to use this fun new story feature:

  • Take a photo or a video
  • Tap the smiley-face icon in the right corner, just like you do when you want to add a sticker
  • Tap the camera icon in the magic folder and take a selfie
  • Place your selfie sticker wherever you want

Put your face on a billboard, a cloud, or on a t-shirt – hilarious!

6. Link more social network accounts

Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social networks for sharing Instagrams, but there are a handful more that can be linked. Tumblr, Flickr, Swarm, Weibo, Ameba, ミクシィ/Mixi, and VKontakte are also supported.

To link these accounts and make them options for sharing, tap the gear icon from your profile, and under "SETTINGS" tap "Linked Accounts" and then tap the accounts you want to add. You'll be asked to input account details and passwords, of course, for each one. The next time you go to post a 'gram, you'll see these newly added accounts as shareable options.


Why sticker hashtags?
Because it’s making normal #’s look prettier, that’s why.

Plus, it’s a great way to draw extra attention if it’s a hashtag you’re promoting.

Extra tip: Discover how you can brand your Instagram stories.

Here’s how to make one:

  • Take a photo
  • Tap the stickers icon
  • Select the hashtag (it’s in a white box, you can’t miss it!)
  • Customize it to your liking and add it to your story. Voila!

8. Change the cover thumbnail on your video

A good cover shot could mean all the difference between someone clicking your video or not clicking it. Make it count.

Before you post your video, you can change your cover photo to any frame from your video. Just tap the square icon (the third one) next to the stabilization icon and slide across the bottom slider to select a new cover shot.


OK. This tool was 100% created just to have more fun with stories.

  • Drop a glass on the floor and watch it fly back in your hands.
  • Throw your hat in the air and watch it fall back on your head.
  • Jump off something
  • Pour a coffee
  • Do the moonwalk… Oh wait, you don’t need a rewind feature for that.


Open Instagram, go to Stories and tap the Rewind button.

Then, wait for the magic to happen.

10. See the posts you've liked

The whole Instagram economy revolves around liking people's photos and videos. But what if you want to see what you've actually liked or maybe go back and unlike them?

Instagram saves the 300 most recent 'grams you've liked. To see them, hit the gear icon from your profile, and under "ACCOUNT" tap on "Posts You've Liked." You can sort it in a grid or list view.

11. Speed up loading times (but just by smidge)

By default, Instagram is set to "Use Less Data." The settings says "Using less cellular data may affect your experience on Instagram (ex. photos and videos may take longer to load)."

According to Instagram's help center:

Instagram preloads videos so they start faster whenever possible. If you want to reduce the amount of cellular data the Instagram app uses, you can choose not to have Instagram preload videos over cellular connections. If you choose to use less data, videos may take longer to load over a cellular connection.

Flipping the setting off makes videos load faster in our LTE testing, but it's not appreciably faster. But if bandwidth is not an issue, then by all means, switch the data-saving feature off.

To do so, go to "OPTIONS" by tapping the gear icon on your profile and scroll down to "SETTINGS." Tap "Cellular Data Usage" and then flip the switch.


The eraser brush takes things to a whole new level. It’s freaking awesome to play with!

  1. Take a photo, select the drawing tool and pick your favorite color.
  2. Then, hold it for a few seconds to flood the screen with bold color.
  3. The fun part starts when you tap the eraser icon and reveal parts of the photo underneath.

Pretty sure you wouldn’t need to be Van Gogh to fall in love with this!


It would be a shame to share that awesome story only on Instagram, right?

The good news is that you don’t have to. You can now download your entire story and watch it play out over on your Facebook page…YouTube or on your Twitter page… or on your blog… or attach it in a private message.

There’s nothing like repurposing great content to make you feel productive!


Live videos take a bit of courage and many people are jumping on them more regularly.

Whether you are wanting to share a talk at an event, your favorite band’s concert or making your next recipe to share with your audience, sharing these moments can create a real bond.

What’s great about live videos?

You can now share them as any other regular Instagram Story.
Whenever you finish a live stream, you are given two options:

  • You can save the video and share it so others can see it for the next 24 hours.
  • Or you can discard it (in case you don’t like how your voice sounds in the background or something).

If you do decide to share it, a Play button will show on your profile photo. This way, your followers will know it’s not actually live, but a replay.

Tip: Tap right to fast forward the video 15 seconds, and left to rewind it 15 seconds.

It may sound complicated, but it really isn’t. It’s best if you test it for yourself!

Ready To Take These Instagram Features For A Test Drive?

Some of these features may seem a little tricky to use at first, but once you learn how to do it, you’ll become a master in no time at all!

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