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Quick Fix to Instagram Live not Working

October 18,2019

Since its birth in 2016, the real-time Instagram live feature has become so popular that it is almost impossible to imagine Instagram without it. Live streaming is now one of the must have’s and must be watched features that no Instagram user wishes to miss. However, there have been times when users experienced frustration using live stories and complained about the problems they faced.

As the Instagram live is a real-time and immediate feature, missing it can be of great pain, especially if your best friend is holding a Live on a special event of her life and you cannot join her, all because of some pesky bugs. But don’t worry! We have some quick solutions to help you fix the problem. First, let’s see what challenges you might face when using live stories.

The inconveniences you might face using the feature include:

  • You might be unable to see your friends’ Live streaming, or you see it with delay.

  • You are unable to go live.

  • Your live video cannot be displayed for your friends.

  • The live feature on your Instagram disappears altogether.

These are the most common issues you might face using Instagram live, but some people are also experiencing other problems. Here we want to fix them.

How to fix Instagram live problems?

There are a few tips to get the problem fixed. They include:

  • Restart your application. Close the Instagram app and restart it again. Most of the time, this sets a lot of problems. But if restarting your application didn’t work, then see the next solution.

  • Restart your phone. At more severe times, a phone refreshing will do. This will allow a new start to your Phone’s operating system, and most bugs are fixed this way. Plus, powering off your device ensures that the Instagram app has been closed completely. Again not working? Go to the next line.

  • If restarting your app nor your phone helped, try to log into your account on another device. If your account is working on another device correctly, the case is most likely that your phone is the main problem. In such a situation, you must repair the telephone through the original company’s agency or a phone hardware specialist.

  • See if any update has been released for your device. Head to the App Store (for iOS) or Play Store (for Android) and look for the Instagram application if there are any updates to the app, download and install them. The new update may fix the bug.

  • If none of the above solutions worked, try to uninstall Instagram from your phone and re-install it again.

  • If this final solution didn’t work, then your last resort is to contact Instagram and ask them to help you.

How to contact Instagram?

There are two ways to contact Instagram:

  1. Go to the Instagram help center and look for the problem you are facing using Instagram live. Most of the time, similar problems have happened to other users, so Instagram has created a page to explain how to fix that problem. Enter the keyword “Instagram live” in the search box and see what solutions are provided for you by Instagram.

  2. On the application tap “Settings,” then “Help” and finally “Report a problem.” A window appears, and you should select the last option “Report a problem.” The next page is where you can name your problem and leave upload screenshot if necessary. Finally, tap “submit.”

You can report your problem via the Instagram app

There are times when Instagram is facing some issues on the server-side. So if Instagram live is not working look for news and updates on google to see if they have announced any question regarding that. If this is the case, then you have no other choice to wait until they announce the problem fixed.



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