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Instagram's new stickers let you 'request' to join a group chat

September 09,2019

Instagram is one of the top three social media that people are mostly using these days. In this competitive world of social media, Instagram is changing instantly. Read about Instagram’s new feature of Join Chat!

Ever feel like Instagram is a bit of a popularity contest? If you don't already, the app's latest update might change your mind. 

The app just added a new type of sticker for Instagram Stories that lets friends "request" to join a group chat right from your Story. 

Here's how it works: the newsticker, rolling out to the app now, appears alongside the rest of the Stories stickers. Once you choose it, you add a text prompt about what you want to chat about. Friends who view the post tap "join chat" for the chance to be in the group DM. The person who posted the sticker gets to control who can join and can end the chat whenever they want.

Join Chat Sticker

On May 2, the reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong announced on her Twitter account that Instagram is adding a new feature called Join chat. As you see in the picture, these stickers make you able to join a chat group in the stories that your friend published. Instagram already has a successful record on other stickers such as location stickers, ask a question and hashtag! However, it is not clear when it would be available on Instagram.

To use this option, once it was available in your country, you can go to your stories, swipe up the page, or tap on the icon, select your sticker, write about your conversation and share it.

Millions of people are engaging in these favorable stickers, which is not simple stickers to show the emotions, but you can take actions too. It seems that Instagram is considering this trend to add some other useful stickers. Before this, you could have a conversation with your friends only through Direct Message (DM) or groups that you could make there, but now there is another option for you, contact your friends right from stories.

Instagram just two days before this, announced that they are testing some new features about donation sticker, and shopping from creators. Donation stickers make people able to help their communities right from stories on Instagram. Buying from creators is also about buying directly from the Instagram app. Though, some of these stickers are now available in the USA.

These are all fantastic move by Instagram show that its focus is on effortlessly joining the community. Mark Zuckerberg’s vision, founder of Facebook which bought Instagram too, is about bringing people closer together. Now, with this improvement on Instagram stories and adding join chat stickers, people can directly and more comfortable start their conversation.



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