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Instagram is Testing a New Music Reply for Questions in Stories

August 18,2019

Instagram has been upping its music game lately, and it's safe to say that the days of posting screenshots of your favorite tunes are long gone. Between sharing tracks from Spotify and using songs from Instagram's music library in your Stories, the app has gone above and beyond to help you introduce new music to your friends. On December 18, the company announced another feature that'll help you share your favorite songs with the people you follow, and it's super useful. That's right: Instagram's new music reply for questions in Stories is here, and it'll help you recommend your favorite tracks with the press of a button.

Instagram is rolling out amazing new features to its Stories format, including a brand new countdown sticker, and new question stickers that can be used in live streams or to share song recommendations.

Instagram announced its new music feature on Dec. 18 alongside other assets that include countdown stickers for Stories and question stickers for Live. Out of the bunch, I was automatically intrigued by the new music sticker — and I'll tell you why. Instagram's musical version of its questions sticker lets users ask their followers for song recommendations. Then, users can reply to the question by searching through Instagram's music library and choosing a track.

The latter is best defined as “all of the current Instagram Story features remixed into each other,” which seems necessary given how many there are now.


The question sticker will become more accomplished today, as people on Instagram can now reply to the questions with music. By tapping on a viewer’s response you can play the song they recommended, and users can decide to answer with a direct message or share the recommended song to their own story. Choosing to share a song reply opens up the Instagram camera for the user to catch a picture or video as the song plays in the background, and there is also extra camera effects that will return to the music being played.

New question stickers are also being added to Live videos to improve the stream and organize the Q&A interactions. Previously, questions could be missed inside the disordered chat stream, but with this new update, questions accepted by the user streaming will be displayed on-screen, so all users and viewers can understand which questions are being responded. Questions can be asked on the user’s Live stream before and during the Live video, and streamers can now also share pictures and videos from their camera roll to their followers on live video.


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