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Instagram is supporting landscape video on IGTV

June 18,2019

The Facebook-owned Instagram launched its long-form video content platform, IGTV, back in 2018. Since then, the company has been all-in with vertical video, meant to be viewed on smartphones without switching to landscape. But it looks like that focus has shifted, and landscape video will finally be supported.

The Verge reports this week that Instagram’s IGTV, the original content platform meant for long-form content, is finally going to support landscape video. Up until this point the only way to watch IGTV content was with vertical video. That might be okay for a lot of content on IGTV, but some long-form content is simply better suited for landscape video support.

The change in support comes from a couple of different avenues. First, creator feedback. Second, it turns out that some viewers are already finding landscape video content on IGTV, but those videos are still being displayed in portrait mode. Making them even smaller and less appealing since users can’t actually rotate their phone to get the full experience.

It might happen for you to struggle uploading videos on Instagram IGTV. Previously you should upload vertical videos to give a full-screen watch to the viewers, but now your followers can watch your videos in a landscape mode on full screen.

On May 23, 2019, Instagram announced that they launched a new feature on IGTV. Previously IGTV was only could support vertical videos, but now you can upload a landscape video or watch IGTV more naturally in landscape mode.

As Instagram has mentioned on their website, they had a great deal of research about this new feature on Instagram. They have reached to many users and creators about their favorites, which has led to the changed Instagram has made this year. For example, Instagram enabled users to see the previews of IGTV videos to the feeds, which could add an opportunity for people to reach the video from the feed. Since February, which they launched this feature they found that people spend more time with IGTV.

Since most of the Instagram users are mobile-users, it was necessary to provide a more comfortable way to watch videos. In this way, you can watch Instagram videos without black space above and below that, just by turning the phone. Though, the question is why this took time to lunch IGTV landscape video supporting? Because it was clear from the first day that most of the people use the mobile, and this could give more sense to watch a video.

Previously, because of this, people should publish their videos in vertical size to provide a full-screen watch. Now, landscape videos also would give a full-screen watch, though there should be other features adding to this one. For example, would Instagram add any options for users to turn off or on the features? In case someone doesn’t want to switch between landscape and vertical. The same as mobile phones that make you able to switch between these landscape/vertical. But there is always room for further improvement, and of course, Instagram can improve IGTV. Have you ever felt that any other features required on Instagram IGTV?



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