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Instagram is Shutting down Direct Messaging App

June 25,2019

It was December 2017 that Instagram announced that they are launching a new app which they made it especially for chatting. However, after two years of working this standalone messing app is going to be closed.

The Instagram standalone messaging app is closing

Instagram, as one of the most popular social media, has more than 1.5 million users, which most of them are mobile users is shutting down its chatting app. In this ever-changing world of social media, to be updated, social media should add some new features to keep the app update and make it attractive for their users. For example, Facebook launched its messaging app to add comfortability to its users’ life.

Since, Facebook bought Instagram, some of the functions are the same as a standalone messaging app. However, this wasn’t as successful as Facebook messing app. The main reasons should be because users were not aware of the existence of this standalone messing app.

In Facebook, you could not even open the message without having a messaging app; you were able to see the notifications only. To see the messages you had to install the app, and because of this, many users could be aware of Facebook messenger. Though, this wasn’t said for the Instagram app. People could send and receive a message directly from their app, and there was no need to install the other app.

Now, after two years of launching Instagram messenger, they have decided to shut it down, but the concerns would remain for their users. Users might be worried about losing their data, but hopefully, nothing would happen for their data. It automatically transfers into the Instagram direct message itself.



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