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Instagram doesn’t Let me Log in (How to Fix it?)

November 10,2019

Instagram is an incredible way to create and share images unless it does not let you log in. this platform is such an instrumental part of today’s social life that most individuals can hardly remember living without it. When facing a login issue on Instagram, it can feel like the end of the world and make most Instagram users feel lost.

Instagram like all other applications out there, experiences login issues from time to time. The problem can occur on any device, be it phone or PC.

Typically, when facing the Instagram login issue, you will receive any of messages bellow from Instagram:

  • We can’t sign in to your account.

  • Sorry, there was a problem with your request.

  • Forgotten password for [username]?

  • The username you entered does not belong to an account.

  • Please check your username and try again.

  • Instagram username not found.

Dealing with Instagram login issues can be daunting and downright frustrating because when the error occurs, it makes it nearly impossible to contact Instagram to get help.

The good news is that most errors on Instagram are self-inflicted, which means that they can be fixed without difficulty. It is easy to beat issues with sign-ins that are caused by hardware, software and login credentials. However, when dealing with a lockout, there are a few solutions that can rectify the problem.

Why you can’t log into Instagram?

People can’t log into Instagram due to any of several issues noted below:

  • You are entering the wrong username or password (remember that Instagram password is case sensitive).

  • Your account may have been blocked or deleted.

  • Logging in from a new device that Instagram doesn’t recognize (which requires further verification).

  • There is a communication issue between your device and the Instagram server.

  • Your phone’s time and date are not set correctly

  • The device you are using is old and does not support Instagram.

  • There is a hardware or memory issue with the phone.

How to fix the Instagram login issue?

There are some quick fixes to the Instagram login problem, which might solve the problem:

Reset the password

Before resetting the password, make sure to check and double-check whether the password and username are entered correctly. If the details are entered automatically, try deleting and reconfiguring them.

If nothing worked, try to reset the password:

  1. Tap on “Get help signing in”;

  2. Enter the proposed information; and

  3. Choose a way to receive the link to reset your password.

In case of not having any access to the suggested methods, choose “Need more help” and read the guides provided by Instagram.

Follow these steps to get an Instagram to reset password link.

  • Switch the device on and off

Turn your tablet or phone on and off again or try force closing or re-launching the Instagram app. Sometimes the solution is just as simple as restarting the device.

Once you switch the phone on, try and reconnect with the app once more and see if it will solve the error. If for some reason, incorrect information was sent, this should be able to solve the problem.

  • Check Wi-Fi Connection

Often times, difficulty logging in might be as a result of a poor Wi-Fi connection, which often occurs without your knowledge. If the message received suggests that the problem is taking place due to server login connection issues, rebooting the Wi-Fi router can be an option.

Alternatively, you can attempt switching from Wi-Fi to cellphone’s connection and check if the connection is more effective or faster.

  • Reset phone’s time and date

As told before, Sometimes, login issues are caused by the wrong settings. Therefore, always ensure that the date and time on settings are ‘Set Automatically’ to avoid such problems in the future.

  • Clear app’s cache and data

The app cache on the device might be corrupted which can cause the error.

To fix it, try clearing the junks by following these steps:

  1. Go to the device’s settings, then to Application Setting.

  2. Go to All the apps and find Instagram. Then look for clear “cache and data”.

  3. Once you clear the data, Force Stop the application.

  • Try signing in from PC

Try using the browser version of Instagram, instead.

The browser version of Instagram is very similar to the mobile platform and it will allow you to use Instagram just as you would use it on phone without any problems.

  • Try to log into Instagram from different devices

You could also try using Instagram on different devices to see whether the login error is being caused by the device’s inadequacies.

  • Update the app

Usually, errors on Instagram are caused because the app is outdated, which means there is a need to update to a newer version that is more effective. If the update is available on phone, you should simply update it through the Play Store or App Store.

You do not see a notification to update Instagram? Then uninstall it so you can install it afresh, which should fix any potential errors.

  • Sign in with Facebook

Having linked Instagram and Facebook accounts helps a lot.

Signing into Instagram using a linked Facebook account works the best.

Note: If not yet faced the log in issue with Instagram, and your Facebook is not connected to Instagram yet, then connect them right now to prevent future complications.

Instagram also let’s logging in through Facebook

  • Your account is disabled or deleted

Violating Instagram’s community guidelines may deactivate or disable an Instagram account, which can be done at Instagram’s discretion. In case of a deleted account, you cannot log into it again, which means you will have to create an entirely new account from scratch.

In this case, a message like this presents:

Your account has been disabled for violating our terms. Learn how you may be able to restore your account.

Read Instagram guidelines and terms of service to avoid any violation of rules in the future.

  • Contact Instagram

Tried all of these solutions and nothing has worked? It might be time to contact Instagram’s help and support team for professional assistance.

To wrap up

With all these possible solutions to the Instagram login problem, we hope the Instagram account is successfully accessed.

In case you have tried another solution and it worked, we would be grateful if you let us know in the comment section bellow o help others deal with the Instagram login issue.



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