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Instagram DM now lets you see when your friends are online

June 09,2019

Instagram is making it easier for you to connect and have conversations with your friends on its platform, just by showing you when they’re available to chat. 

Instagram wants its users to chat and interact with each other more often, and it’s hoping they will be encouraged by showing them when their friends are online. Announced late last week – a new green dot next to someone’s profile picture – will act as an indication that they are online. Of course, it won’t signify whether someone is willing to respond to you at that time or n

Today we’re making it easier to connect with friends on Instagram by showing you when they’re available to chat.

When your friends are active on Instagram, you’ll see a green dot next to their profile picture in various spaces within the app, including the Direct inbox and your friend list when you share a post from feed. You will only see status for friends who follow you or people who you have talked to in Direct.

You can easily hide your own status and turn off the ability to see when your friends are active in your settings.https://instagram-press.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Green-Status-Dot_3-up.png?w=1024DMing friends and connecting over the content you love is more fun when you know your friends are there to see it. This update gives you the ability to have more of those realtime conversations while giving you the control to hide your status altogether.

To learn more about this update, visit the Instagram Help Center.



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