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How to Become a Famous Artist on Instagram? (2019)

August 20,2019

“I can post a painting and it will sell before the paint is dry,” explains Ashley Longshore, who sells her eccentric pop art for upwards of $30,000 straight off of Instagram.

And, she’s not the only one. Artist Chris Austin enjoys “flash sales” of his latest work, getting emails from eager buyers within minutes of posting on Instagram.

With these examples and more in mind, it’s safe to say Instagram has become the social media platform for artists. It’s launching careers, eliminating the need for big-name critics to call the shots, and helping artists connect with buyers across the globe willing to pay for their work.

So, how does an artist turn their Instagram feed into another revenue stream?

It all comes down to getting more engaged followers. Because, the more popular your account is on Instagram, the more in demand your art will be. To help you get started, check out seven things you can improve on your Instagram account to attract more followers.

I remember my first days acting as an amateur artist on Instagram space, I was confused about its algorithm and efficiency; which I struggled to learn how to build up a stand-out account based on.

Unfortunately, most of artist members’ community are bad at social media activities, because most of them are struggling with real situations, people, charities, emotional scenes, and are in distance. So they are strange with such virtual Social networks when all our business fields have touched the lives of many people by impressive landscape or Humanitarian works. But let face the fact that nowadays, with occupied people’s minds and lives, it is becoming difficult to persuade these people to visit art exhibitions and develop our markets. I realized that even famous artists are devastated as a result of not being well educated in social marketing to expose their attitudes, artworks, believes, and so on.

According to all the things I mentioned, making an Instagram account goes into effect the artists’ businesses growth. As a person who wished to begin with this social app, I have learned many new things which I like to share.

How do I start in my social media activities as an artist on Instagram?

One day, while I was scrolling through on Instagram feed, suddenly I received a direct message from a businessman, which said,” I am going to share some important marketing tips. if you like, come and visit my page.” It was a catchy event for me at least on this vast globe with not having any beneficial information or experience. I went through his page and found an efficient post about the Instagram algorithm, which reveals Instagram tactics and strategies marketing.

What are the simple ways to establish a business account as an artist on Instagram?

•    Set a vivid plan

 First of all, you should consider why you are going to have an Instagram account; it is vital because without knowing your aim, you will see an immediate drop in getting new followers. For instance, I, as an artist, need a public account to showcase my achievements as well as my art gallery, maybe someone wants to gain huge popularity based on funny stuff. The goals are different, so care about the purpose and make it clear at first.

•    Consider a comprehensive bio

The bio should be selected based on the topic you are working for, which is your significant activity on Instagram. Write a brief sentence about that. Also, you can test hashtag on your bio; for example, a hashtag #art is a point that introduces your niche and helps your profile comes up on Instagram search engine. In addition, there is an alternative way to use bio links instead; in fact, it is an option; you can take advantage to direct your audience to a particular website that usually belongs you.

•    Identical name and username

Does it really help to bring your account to be top? In my view, yes because as I was checking top Instagrammers profiles, I come up with this rule that name and username should verify each other, therefore; choose a relevant username to be easily accessible. By the way, changing your username leads to be authenticated as a spam account, your follower’s trust will be ruined by this action.

•    Profile Picture should be attractive

This item is becoming more incredibly important, especially on our niches. Instagram users are keen on to follow an account with a face picture, not a logo picture because a real profile photo makes your page validation high. Not only choosing a single light background photo makes it look evident and eye-catching, but also the size you consider for has a particular effect on its quality.

Which visual points should artists follow to have well worth a visit Instagram account?

•    Build a brand style

Establishing an aesthetic or theme feeds into as many followers as possible because it forms a professional framework for your visual store. As a curious, creative artist, you can make an excellent theme for your art gallery posts, imagine your account is your art collection what you will do to make it elegant? It needs a little bit of color harmony knowledge to make it excellently. A perfect aesthetic leads to brand personality; you are the creator of the brand, build your brand image or theme in an inspirational way.

•    High-quality Images

It is the most popular topic among artists; you have to manage to take the photos genuine and appealing to develop a passionate interest in your presences to gaze at your pictures. For instance, when you are going to photograph a flower, make sure you present it artistically. It is strongly recommended to use beautiful effects for your posts because working as an artist sounds intuitive. With the help of editing tools which Instagram has provided; it is expected to show the strong feelings in your photos maybe with contrasting or lightening even with a combination of colors as well as shadows. For making a shadow, Instagram suggests a great feature called Clarendon.

How to enthuse people with the content?

It is one of the key factor social marketing strategies which represents all your capabilities and content accomplishments. Moreover, it is the only thing which are many challenges on its head. Indeed, generating, captivate caption tempts people to take a glance at your post and go through the details. The good news about this topic is that the majority of artists are based on feelings rather than facts. It shows that content creation is a remarkable talent among them, tell the stories about a photo and ask your followers to go on with it, there is an important purpose behind this tactic, users are very fond of content engagements and many odd comments. It is an innovation to invite them to compete on some photo descriptions that you, as a content creator, cannot have a single expression for that kind of photo. Thus, this causes highly motivated people; to let out their inner emotions and produce nice, amazing sentences.

Why should an artist consider the best post strategy on Instagram?

I am sure; You are going to meet success with the beneficial tips above, but you would better to be aware of post scheduling strategies to gain more likes and comments. The importance of post scheduling is specified here; some critical items about this essential factor is explained to help your Instagram growth as well. The more amount of Instagram users coming up every second, the more post content is being published every minute. Although it is necessary having published posts three times a day, it is approximately a waste of time to open your Instagram app for this ridiculous action several times in a day, but an Instagram automation tool has solved this issue and helps you with a number of daily posts and post consistency.

What is the peak time and days to schedule our posts?

Well, I should announce a highly efficient timing post, which originates from the Instagram analysis. According to researches, it has been carried out recently, Monday and Wednesday afternoon are the best days of posting and 9:00-11: 00 am and 3:00-4:00 pm is the best time of the day as many people are awake and are doing their usual routine tasks may be at work, or home. Keep on your Instagram marketing plan based on; besides the main thing to keep in mind is Instagram Insight, which is acting as a promotional tool for those who intend to observe the results of their attempts to drive more traffic to their accounts. Actually, it is an analytical feature which is absolutely practical for Instagram businesses to evaluate their performances such as followers rise and fall in a period of time, the number of views on their pages, etc.

Why using hashtags?

The only thing which is mostly being searched on the Instagram globe is the hashtag. It is typically an easy, helpful way for receiving more post visits from Instagrammers. It is suggested to use up 30 hashtags per post on the caption. Because it can directly interact with your posts to be more in the exposure of visibility, sometimes it seems impossible to use exactly 30 hashtags for each post, in this case, try using 4 or 5 hashtags but remember this point, to use the relevant ones to emphasize your authentic content. Knowing the hashtag strategy plays a crucial role in building a strong account around Instagram, on the other hand, not having enough information about, can cause an Instagram shadowban and for instance,  using banned hashtags, which conflicts with the rules of Instagram. Also, detecting your competitor’s hashtags and getting the help of popular ones is one of the positive points for running a great business page.

The last piece of advice for artists on Instagram

I know that taking up the management of your online marketing seems challenging as an artist on Instagram. Even maybe somehow stressful at first, but I want to inform you the only difference between you as an amateur marketer, and the professional one is the experience and Instagram marketing knowledge, do your best to be an up to date person in your major and this endless social media age


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