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Becoming a Public Figure on Instagram (The Complete guide)

November 26,2019

Adding the label “Public figure” on Instagram is becoming more popular daily, and so many accounts on Instagram have that label on their profiles even without having a high number of followers or a blue badge, and most of them aren’t actually famous.

In less than five minutes an Instagrammer can become a public figure on the platform, and that is not a big deal at all.

What does public figure mean on Instagram?

The first thing which is essential to know before continuing is the public figure definition. A public figure is a person of great public interest or fame, such as a politician, celebrity, or sports hero. People who consider themselves as a public figure should be known by at least some percentage of people on Instagram, and they must have a little fame to call themselves a figure for public.

Anyone can become a public figure on Instagram with any number of followers ranging from 1000 to 1 Million.

But this option is being misused by the accounts which add this label to their Instagram profiles without having the requirements of being called a public figure. These days, lots of people give themselves this title to hide the fact that they have no real job, implying that having a lot of followers on Instagram is a career.

What are the benefits of becoming a real public figure on Instagram?

Now that you know the public figure definition, If the real Instagram famous accounts or really well-known people use this option, there will be no misunderstanding of the title, and it would be used in its right way.

A real public figure, would have more than 30k Instagram followers and gets real engagement and people track his/her activities and posts on Instagram. A public figure which is known by people, can easily get an Instagram verification badge and switch their accounts to a verified one by only applying for verification.

They would also get access to lots of new features on Instagram, which one of them would be sharing links to Instagram.

The other big advantage of getting a real public figure page on Instagram is that the influencer would not be mistaken by any of the fake pages that other people make using their names again.

How to become a public figure on Instagram?

The process of getting the public figure label on your Instagram profile is very easy, but it is highly recommended to add this title only if you really are known as a public figure or you are at least near to become one.

In less than five minutes, you can become a public figure on Instagram in two ways.

  1. Getting the public figure label with a Facebook page

  2. Getting the public figure label without a Facebook page

Becoming a public figure on Instagram with a Facebook page (Recommended)

The steps below are the guides to setting up the Instagram public figure using the Facebook mobile app.

  • Open Facebook on mobile

  • Click on the three horizontal bars in the bottom right corner

  • Scroll down and find the menu option “pages.”

  • A list of all your pages will appear. You can see the option to “create a new page” at the top of the screen.

  • Now you have to choose a name for the page. It is better to select a name which is the same as your brand or business.

  • In this page, you need to select a category and subcategory for the page. For getting the “public figure” label, choose “people” and the subcategory is “public figure.”

  • In this step, Facebook asks you for some extra information about the page. To finish the setting up the profile, enter your website, description, etc.

Applying the “public figure” label to Instagram

Now that you have set everything up for a public figure profile, on the Facebook page, it’s time to bring this label to Instagram and apply it on your profile.

  • Open the Instagram app and go to your profile

  • Click the three horizontal bars in the top right corner.

  • Go to “settings” which is located at the bottom of the menu

  • Find the option “switch to business profile” and click on it to convert your account to a business one.

  • At this stage, you’ll be asked to log in to your Facebook account if you still haven’t logged in.

  • After login, you should choose a page

  • A list of created pages would appear. Choose the one page you want. (You’ll see an option to create a page if you do not have one yet)

  • Instagram will ask you to confirm some information for validating the page is yours and then you are done.

Becoming an Instagram Public Figure without a Facebook page.

There is the ability to become a public figure without having to connect a Facebook page to Instagram. But it would be better to have a Facebook page linked to your Instagram since you’ll get much more benefits and options when a Facebook page is connected to your Instagram.

  • Go to your Instagram account’s settings as mentioned previously.

  • Tap on “switch to business account.”

  • Follow the steps until you arrive on the page that says “choose a page.” Click the “skip” button instead of creating or adding a page, to skip this step.

  • You are now on the page where you can choose categories for your Instagram account. Select “people” as the main category and “public figure” as the subcategory then continue.

  • As the last step, confirm your phone number and email address to make sure everything is accurate.

  • The procedure is now finished, and you are now labeled as a Public figure.


By following the steps above, you can easily get a public figure label on your Instagram profile, but this does not mean that everybody having this title on their accounts are actually public figures. This ability is given to every Instagrammer just because Instagram wants to figure out what kind of businesses are using their platform. So as previously said, try to add this label to your account only when you are really known as a public figure. This way you give the right information about yourself and your business to both Instagramers and Instagram itself.



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